R A L P H - R O E L S E


Within this platform, we relentlessly challenge the boundaries of minimalism in the Netherlands, actively bridging painting, photography, and design while seamlessly integrating diverse art forms like urban art and virtual design.

Our aim is to elevate New Dutch Minimalism on a global scale, cultivating a dynamic and inclusive platform for creators within the Netherlands, encompassing both local talents and international contributors shaping the Dutch cultural scene.

As a core aspect of our mission, we're actively preparing for a second physical exhibition, ensuring an even broader showcase of talent. Moreover, we'll personally visit artists and designers in their studios, highlighting these enriching experiences on our account. Furthermore, we'll consistently feature creative talents taking over our Instagram, infusing ongoing excitement into the displayed works.

Join us on Instagram at New Dutch Minimalism.


In 2021, we introduced the hashtag #newdutchminimalism as a playful attempt to categorize art that blurs the lines between painting and photography. To our surprise, the hashtag gained traction, culminating in a successful exhibition at Kelderman and van Noort in February 2023. Featuring ten promising artists from the Netherlands, the exhibition garnered widespread acclaim (view images here), leading to the establishment of the New Dutch Minimalism Instagram account, which has been steadily growing ever since.

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